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  • Ingrid Pagonis

PANTONE'S JUST CREATED SHAZAM FOR COLOURS - Say Bye Bye to the old school color spectrophotometer?

Written by Ingrid Pagonis - 11 july 2020

Color management is a complex job, it involves engineers, knowledge and tools with barbarian name like color spectrophotometer but now you can use the Pantone Connect mobile app to measure and match colored surfaces, materials, and objects to Pantone Color.

It’s simple, portable, and more accurate than extracting color from a photo.

It's a great tool for designers but we have to remember that pantone is not an exact science, it's an universal reference to help people having the same language. On the production side, you will always have to match the supplier substrate to reach as much as possible the guidelines and stay consistent through all the supports and materials.

It's about brand consistency.

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