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You, the Agency is a Dubai-based agency founded in 2014 by Ingrid Pagonis, a brand strategist and a publicist who has worked for some of the largest FMCG companies in Europe.

The agency is organized as a collective agency which is aiming to build a new generation of agencies based on a sustainable and collaborative model offering creativity and flexibility with talents based on all the continents.

Our pool of experts are from all around the world. They cover all the areas of expertise, from F&B, hospitality, retail, luxury, wellness or digital, content creation.

• Our role: gather these talents to build the strongest strategic branding based on facts and trends.


• The mission: helping brands define who they are and from their original idea creates a unique and creative concept.


• The strength: adapt the global trends to local markets thanks to a process based on data analysis, creativity, leadership and ROI.


• The rule: respect the core values of the brand and bring uniqueness and consistency.

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Branding is more than a logo, branding is who you are, what defines you and how you are going to introduce your brand to the world and find the strategy which will help you to stay consistent and spread a stronger message.

It’s an image, a tone of voice but it’s about knowing your values and be legit too. Our mission is to help you find your uniqueness and it’s what we’ve been telling you since 2014… it’s all about you! 


Some people call it digital transformation, and it’s right because technology gives us so many possibilities to grow but for us it's not about on or offline – the debate is obsolete! It’s not about the tools but the vision. 

The questions is: how you are going to integrate innovation in your strategy and anticipate the changes. 

We help you plan a long and short term strategy to manage your current business and make sure you won't miss any big step to succeed on the long term.


Being creative is key, and being understood and recognized is critical. A visual has to enhance your story and be consistent on all your supports. It has to deliver each time a strong message to support your strategy.

In the era of snackable content, you have less than 2 seconds to catch the attention and make people join your community. We are happy to help with logo creation, website, brochure, retail design.


Personal branding is about how you are going to inspire people – the reason why they are going to follow and trust your organizations. People commit to values and a strong and more important genuine story. If your are the face of your business, you are the brand ambassador, you have to work on your personal branding strategy which is consistent with the purpose of your companies.
As publicists, we are here to help you write your story because there is nothing more difficult than talking about ourselves and guide you through your content strategy.

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YOU, the Agency FZE

PO BOX 102794

Dubai, UAE


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